Local Hotel


24 Eleven Designs

About This Project

The PG Bison brief stipulated a modern accommodation facility that would be built on the Durban Harbor. The building would cater for South Africa’s fast-growing middle-income families, and, therefore should allow for flexibility. The instruction was to make use of the PG Bison materials within the space.
The Approach:
The name Kwazulu – Natal means “Land of the Zulus”. In the Zulu culture, pattern plays a significant role in visual communication, and different patterns will have different symbolic significance. During the exploration of this project, there was a growing interested in the language of pattern. The goal was to make use of patterns to create visual interest and rhythm within the space, that will allow for a luxurious yet relaxed living area.
With that being said, the materials selected for the exterior of The Locals are a combination of corrugated iron and natural dark stone cladding. Corrugated iron was chosen because it ties in with the industrial activity of the Durban Harbour and the material itself is contemporary. On the other hand, the stone cladding is inspired by the sand and the dollosse found at harbors.
On the floorplan, every second floor is different, thus creating a modular effect. The apartments that don’t have a balcony have a bigger interior space that can be manipulated with bi-fold walls to accommodate growing families. The flats with balconies can be closed off with the concept of a frameless sashless window, which allows for a flexible design.