Interior design


This is the process whereby I use my design skills to create a successful overall interior, that is suited towards the needs of the client. This process involves a start to finish process, from measuring the interior to placing the finishing touches such as décor. 




Project Management and renovation

When taking on a new project, I will be there from the beginning to guide the client throughout the interior transformation, I will do so by setting goals for the client. Proper project management is essential for success; therefore, it is a priority to our business.



Interior rendering

After measuring the interior space, I will build up the space in a program that allows you to see what it will the finished result will be. You will see the interior as it will appear at the end of the project.



Sourcing materials


After meeting with a client, I will gather sample collections that I feel is suited towards the client’s lifestyle and aesthetics. I will also ensure that I select the best quality materials for the price.


Technical drawing and space planning.


After meeting with the client, I will measure the selected space. Using, the measurements, I will draw up the space in Autocad to produce accurate drawings of the existing space as well as the newly designed interior.







Business cards, brochures flyers and advertisements.

Our company has all the neccessary forms of equipment to create engaging business advertisements that speak directly to the target audience. 




Packaging design and labeling, like they say, first impressions are essential. Our goal is to create professional packaging designs that will be hard to miss by the eye.